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Out-of-home (OOH) advertising often experiences increased spending during December and the Christmas holiday season for several reasons:

  1. Increased Consumer Traffic: During the holiday season, people tend to be more active and engaged in outdoor activities, shopping, and social gatherings. This increased foot traffic and outdoor activities make OOH advertising more visible and impactful.
  2. Shopping and Retail: December is a peak shopping period due to the holiday season, including Christmas and New Year’s. Brands and retailers often increase their advertising spend to capture the attention of consumers who are out and about, driving them to retail stores, malls, and online shopping platforms.
  3. Festive Spirit and Emotional Appeal: The holiday season evokes emotions like joy, togetherness, and giving. Advertisers leverage this emotional connection through creative and festive-themed OOH campaigns to resonate with consumers, making them more receptive to these messages.
  4. Travel and Tourism: Many people travel during the holiday season, either for vacations, family gatherings, or to visit tourist destinations. OOH advertising in transportation hubs, airports, train stations, and along highways becomes particularly effective in reaching these travelers.
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  1. Event and Entertainment Promotion: Various events, concerts, shows, and holiday-themed activities take place during December. OOH advertising is utilized to promote these events, attracting attendees and driving ticket sales.
  2. Last-Minute Shopping: As Christmas approaches, there’s often a surge in last-minute shopping. OOH ads, strategically placed in high-traffic areas or near shopping centers, remind consumers of gift ideas and prompt them to make purchases.
  3. Impactful Visuals and Creativity: OOH ads, especially during the festive season, offer opportunities for creative and visually appealing campaigns. Eye-catching designs, lights, and interactive displays grab attention and create memorable brand experiences.

Given these factors, advertisers often allocate more budget to OOH advertising during December and the Christmas holiday season to capitalize on the increased consumer engagement and spending opportunities.

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